App Cloner MOD APK 2.7.2 (Premium)


APK Information


Name   App Cloner
⚠️ Version 2.7.2
Size 30 MB
📌 Package com.App Cloner
📱  Platforms 4.0.3 and up
Developer App Cloner
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 7 day ago



App Cloner MOD APK 2.7.2 Features


Clone app and log in to different accounts

The app’s key feature is that it allows users to copy their favourite programmes and run them in a totally different environment from the main OS. Using two separate accounts, you can experience both the original and the cloned app.

Most notably, the two accounts would be identified as having been accessed from two different computers. If you have several social media sites or video gaming accounts, this is highly helpful.

Protect your privacy with incognito login

Each and every move you take within your cloned app can’t be tracked by online trackers if you use the incognito login form. As a result, you’re totally invisible to nosy neighbours or bosses.

Many that want anonymity will link to their online account using the app. As a result, your data is still safe.

Quick switching between different accounts

Since you’ll have to log out of Facebook before entering the username and password for the new account if you use App Cloner instead of transferring accounts on the authentic apps, most users choose to use App Cloner instead of switching accounts on the authentic apps. The same can be said for any social media app or online game, which is why cloned apps are becoming increasingly popular.

To swap accounts with App Cloners, all you have to do is open the App Cloner Premium and look for the cloned app. This speeds up the workflow and allows you to keep your other account logging in.

Create parallel spaces with no conflict

Most App Cloner applications use the practise of building parallel spaces in which the cloned app serves as the primary app. On the other hand, the original programme can still be available in the main OS, allowing entry to another account.

However, this is just a theory; in practise, few applications are capable of generating parallel spaces with no clashes, such as the Software Cloner Premium. This encourages users to use their accounts with confidence, without having to think about crashes or disputes.




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Android users can now swap between various social media profiles in seconds thanks to the handy software cloning feature. Furthermore, the paid edition allows you to clone your software several times and use multiple accounts.

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