Autodesk SketchBook Pro APK 5.2.2 (Full Unlocked)

APK Information


Name   Autodesk SketchBook Pro
⚠️ Version 5.2.2
Size 37.7 MB
📌 Package com.Autodesk SketchBook Pro
📱  Platforms 5.0 and up
Developer Autodesk SketchBook Pro
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 3 day ago



Autodesk SketchBook Pro 5.2.2 Features


Simple and convenient drawing experiences

The Autodesk Sketchbook has a minimalistic gui that makes for a quick and easy drawing experience. You will quickly locate materials that will make your drawing much smoother. Furthermore, the app is compatible with the majority of Android devices, making it one of the best sketchbook applications available.

Many brushes to play with

Another advantage of digital sketchbooks is that you will have access to an infinite number of different brushes, which will enable you to make significant changes to your artwork. You may also adjust the brushes to make them work better in your sketches. Alternatively, you can download the online brushes to add to your collection. In any case, you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Create layered drawing

The ability to make art with layers is a crucial aspect of digital art. And with the Autodesk Sketchbook, you’ll get just that. The software enables artists to create artwork with the aid of layers. You can also save the files in PSD format and open them later with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. As a result, you can draw short drawings on your phone and save them for later editing on your PC.

Predictive stroke functionality

The software has predictive stroke functionality, which helps artists to have improved line consistency while improving their drawing and making the whole process of producing arts a lot easier. The wobbly strokes, on the other hand, will auto-correct, giving you smoother lines for greater precision.





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The Autodesk Sketchbook is an excellent drawing programme for Android users, with a variety of helpful drawing options. Even if it won’t be as fine as Wacom or Huion’s other drawing tablets, you’ll be able to produce high-quality artwork on your smartphone with the aid of the touch pen. As a result, we don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a shot.

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