Central Hospital Stories MOD APK 1.3.4 (Unlocked)

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Name   Central Hospital Stories
⚠️ Version 1.3.4
Size 31M
📌 Package com.Central Hospital Stories
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer Central Hospital Stories
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 5 day ago


Central Hospital Stories MOD APK 1.3.4 Features


Simple and accessible gameplay of pretend play

To begin with, Android gamers in Central Hospital Stories can be fully absorbed in the thrilling pretend play gaming, which includes a variety of intriguing features to discover and simple mechanics to master. Simply choose whichever characters you want to play with and immerse yourself in the thrilling Central Hospital Stories games with a plethora of interactions. As you freely explore the game and interact with the intriguing in-game features, make use of the intuitive touch control choices. Come up with your own exclusive ways to learn and appreciate Central Hospital Stories on your mobile device.

Create your own stories and enjoy the game in your own ways

And, speaking of this, Android players will find themselves immersed in their own intriguing stories of Central Hospital Stories. Android players will be able to experience the game in whatever situations they like in the hospital thanks to the immersive and liberated mechanics of pretend play. Make use of the given characters, each with their own distinct style and design. You can quickly communicate with the characters by using the objects and rooms to get something out of the game. To get the most out of the pretend play in the hospital, come up with a variety of situations.

Explore the massive hospital with varied areas to interact with

Additionally, Android players in Central Hospital Stories will be able to interact with the 5-story building through a variety of in-game encounters, which will add to the game’s appeal. Feel free to visit the various environments, each of which offers a unique set of activities and gameplay to enjoy.

Start with a family doctor appointment, where you’ll use a range of modern machinery to do fun checkups on family members. Proceed to the Veterinarian’s office, where the dogs can be tested and examined. Visit the Maternity Bed, where expectant mothers and nurses are preparing for childbirth. More of the Intensive Care Units for both children and adults.

Different characters to play with

To add to the game’s appeal, Android players in Central Hospital Stories will be able to interact with over 37 characters of various species, ages, and genders, allowing for the most realistic in-game encounters with the pretend play title. Feel free to choose your own vets, as well as dogs and cats in the veterinary clinic, nurses in the hallway, cute babies in the maternity ward, and even robots in the lab. The full cast of characters, as well as a plethora of available objects and tools, would undoubtedly add to the game’s appeal.






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Central Hospital Stories, with its fascinating in-game encounters and features, can surely please those of you who are looking for their full pretend play title and are involved in the thrilling hospital setups. Most notably, you can play our updated version of the game, which is completely free and unlocked.

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