Dead Target MOD APK 4.56.0 (Unlimited Gold/Cash)

APK Information

 Name   Dead Target
⚠️ Version 4.56.0
 Size 112 MB
📌 Package com.Dead Target
📱  Platforms 4.1 and up
 Developer Dead Target
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 2 day ago

Dead Target MOD APK 4.56.0 Features


Survive the apocalypse as you emerge in epic shooting challenges

You’ve been thrown into the ultimate shooting challenge, and you have no choice but to survive. If you lose, the zombies will wipe out the whole planet. Before huge waves of zombies come towards you, grab your arms and plan to fight. Take them out with your strong arms and pinpoint accuracy. To defeat the nasty zombies, you must be highly successful and alert at all times.

Different zombies with unique powers to test your capabilities

The game introduces players to a detailed zombie system in which they must battle a variety of zombies. Face off against a variety in zombies of various sizes and forms. Any of them possesses special talents and properties that must be dealt with in a particular way.

If you progress through the ranks, you’ll encounter even harder zombies that are more heavily afflicted with the viruses. When you drive zombies out of the safe areas, you’ll face a number of obstacles.

Most interestingly, you’ll come face to face with giant bosses that wield immersive abilities that no zombies will equal. Be sure you’re well-prepared so you can face them with confidence.

Enjoy powerful weapons

To battle the undead, gamers in Dead Goal will have access to a range of weapons, each with its own collection of stats and skills. Their various applications can make them extremely useful when negotiating with various adversaries.

You’ll find yourself picking up assault rifles, sniping rifles, grenade launchers, and other weapons of differing ranges and firepower. Furthermore, you are free to use the upgrade tools to customise your weapons exactly as you like them. You will become a master if you learn how to use and configure each weapon fully.

Awesome boosts that can completely change the tide of the battle

Along with powerful weapons, players are exposed to a range of game buffs that can dramatically boost your skills. Choose from basic boosts like increasing your damage, accuracy, or firing rate to incredible boosts like changing the tide of the war, particularly while fighting alongside your teammates.




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This game would undoubtedly appeal to fans of classic zombie shooter games. In this addictive challenge, you’ll be fighting zombies.

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