Dr. Driving MOD APK 1.64 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

APK Information


Name   Dr. Driving MOD APK
⚠️ Version 1.64
Size 12M
📌 Package com.Dr. Driving
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer Dr. Driving
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 8 day ago


Dr. Driving MOD APK 1.64 Features


Realistic and authentic driving simulation

To begin, Android gamers will have access to an extremely realistic and genuine driving simulation, complete with a complete cockpit setup to get you comfortable inside. Having said that, you will use the supplied control options to operate your entire vehicle.

Begin by pressing the gas and brake pedals to start the car. Using the intuitive wheel controls and light signals, you can also make clean and precise turns. If you don’t want to end up stuck on the street with an empty car, pay attention to the fuel and plan your routes.

Explore the detailed 

The game also takes you to beautiful in-game environments with interactive streets for those who are interested. If you don’t want to be pulled over by the cops, go out and drive on a real road with other cars, stay in the provided lanes, and follow the rules. They even go to great lengths to keep things as accurate and practical as possible by putting speed limits on certain paths, which is incredible.

Interesting vehicles

For those who are interested, the game also includes a variety of cars that you can choose from and use to complete a variety of in-game challenges. Each car will have different stats that determine how capable it is in comparison to others.

You’ll also have more options for certain types of driving missions if you have different stats. Choose the best vehicles based on engine, brake, fuel, tyre, durability, and comfort statistics. Make the most of their special stats to achieve the highest possible scores in various missions.

Connect to your Google Play Service 

In addition, gamers in Dr. Driving will link their Google Play Service account to the game to gain access to additional features.

To begin, you’ll have access to amazing online multiplayer experiences where you can compete against the best drivers from around the world in a variety of game modes. You can also invite your friends to join the races and enjoy epic in-game experiences to make things even more exciting.





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This game will undoubtedly appeal to driving enthusiasts, particularly those who seek a more realistic and authentic experience. That being said, if you enjoyed the popular Traffic Racer or Extreme Car Driving Simulator, you’ll definitely enjoy this new game from SUD inc, particularly now that you can play it for free thanks to our mod.

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