DraStic DS Emulator r2.5.2.2a (Paid for free)

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Name   DraStic DS Emulator
⚠️ Version r2.5.2.2a
Size 15 MB
📌 Package com.DraStic DS Emulator
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer DraStic DS Emulator
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 1 day ago



DraStic DS Emulator r2.5.2.2a Features


The best emulator app for your DS gaming experiences

Android gamers who download DraStic DS Emulator will immediately have access to the best Nintendo DS emulator app. As a result, millions of people from all over the world have downloaded the app and are enjoying it whenever they play their favourite games. The DraStic DS Emulator is fully compatible with all DS games that have been released for the platform. More importantly, it will provide a lot more fun and satisfying gameplay with improved graphics and hundreds of unique settings for each of your games. You’ll also find that the app offers even smoother and more enjoyable gaming experiences than your old DS devices.

Enjoy amazing in-game graphics that are better than the originals

DraStic DS Emulator will provide more impressive graphics than even the original gameplay on your DS as you dive into your exciting in-game experiences on any of your DS titles. Because the original handheld device’s two displays only have a resolution of 256 192 pixels, this is the case. As a result, using certain settings provided by the app, you can easily double or even triple these resolutions on your screens with the latest smartphone devices. As a result, the visual experience in-game is much crisper and simpler. Not to mention the diverse rendering options for each of your games, which will provide unique experiences.

Customize your audio quality to match your hardware

Furthermore, DraStic DS Emulator has a fantastic audio option that allows you to easily customise the in-game audio quality. As a result, if your games are running slowly, it will be able to match your hardware and put less strain on the system. On the other hand, for those of you who want to hear the pure and enjoyable original sounds through emulation, the app also has a lot of great audio options to choose from.

Customize your in-app interfaces with various options

Begin your emulated gameplay by exploring the fun in-app interfaces for each of your Nintendo DS games. To change how you access the game, feel free to use the app’s available customizations and display placements. To line up your two screens vertically or horizontally, choose between portrait and landscape modes. Alternatively, you can pinch them to make them smaller or larger as you immerse yourself in the fantastic in-game experiences.






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This awesome emulator from Exophase will give hardcore Android gamers a lot more interesting choices when it comes to mobile gaming. With thousands of amazing DS games to choose from, you’ll never get bored with this fantastic app.

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