Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2.10.1 (Premium)



APK Information


Name   GuitarTuna
⚠️ Version 2.10.1
Size 32.90 MB
📌 Package com. GuitarTuna
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer GuitarTuna
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 6 day ago


Drum Pad Machine MOD APK 2.10.1 Features


Use it like a beat maker

To starts with, for those of you who want to make your own songs, Drum Pad Machine is a fantastic smartphone app that can be used as a beatmaker. As a result, due to the app’s related functionality and functions, you can start making your own blend right away.

As you explore Drum Pad Machine to its full potential, feel free to write music songs, create interesting beats, and create your first mixtapes. You may also use the beat makers to capture sounds and incorporate them into your mix. Android users will be able to thoroughly enjoy their in-app activities as a result of this.

Provided sound packs are always available

Drum Pad Machine also provides hundreds of available in-app features, as well as several sound packs, to support Android users in their first uses of the app. You can conveniently access the pre-installed music samples or search the Drum Pad Machine online catalogue for professional sound packs. Feel free to use some of the intriguing beats with a variety of themes in your music. These are all refined works of art created by talented musicians, and their features will undoubtedly inspire you.

Explore the different audio customizations

Many who are interested will now discover the various audio customizations available in Drum Pad Machine, which provide a plethora of useful choices. To begin, use the sequencer to produce one-of-a-kind loop music and sound. You may also use the beatbox recorder to adjust the speed of the music and create new sounds. Furthermore, the launchpad finger drumming alternative would make all in-app functionality more simple and usable.

Multiple styles of music and beat

Android users will be able to experience a variety of music and beat types in Drum Pad Machine, which they can quickly add to their own music and beat. As a consequence, in Drum Pad Machine, you can now enjoy amazing types of music from various sources.

Enjoy amazing Trap music, intriguing Dubstep rhythms, powerful EDM music effects, special House, impressive Hip-hop, powerful Drum & Bass, Electro sounds, and more. Android consumers will be able to completely immerse themselves in their journeys thanks to these features.





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Many of you who like Groovepad will love yet another fantastic smartphone app with related functions. Drum Pad Machine has a lot of cool features that you can use to make amazing music and beats. And, most notably, there is no excuse for you to refuse it because it is totally free and unlocked.

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