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Name   SimCity BuildIt
⚠️ Version
Size 127 MB
📌 Package com.SimCity BuildIt
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer SimCity BuildIt
🎮 Category Entertainment
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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Features


Have complete controls over the city’s constructions

As mayor, you will have the power to make all decisions concerning the affairs of your city. Begin by determining what you want to create with your current resources. You have the option of constructing new residences, manufacturing plants, and retail outlets, among other things. However, make certain that you meet all of your citizens’ needs. Otherwise, they’ll become increasingly disappointed. You can also upgrade residential buildings to allow more people to move into your area.

Your city’s roads will also play a vital role in keeping traffic moving. To work properly, each and every building would need to be linked to the city’s road system. You won’t get much else if you don’t.

Interactive in-game aspects

SimCity BuildIt is unlike any other city-building game in that it has such immersive in-game elements. As a consequence, in this epic city builder and simulation game, players will have the ability to observe people from a full and close-up viewpoint.

See tiny little Sims walking down the street, commuting to work, or spending time at beaches, parks, and other locations. You can also look around their homes and get a sense of their personal perspectives on various topics. Listen to your Sims as they discuss politics, city constructions, politics, service efficiency, and even some housewife gossip.

A self-sufficient city

Your people would not need to communicate with the outside world to gain access to all goods and services in this fully self-sufficient community. As a dutiful mayor, you’ll need to build sufficient electric factories, water purification systems, garbage factories, and sewage collectors to ensure that the people can live happily.

They’ll also expect you to provide them with adequate security through police stations, fire safety through fire stations, and medical services to treat their illnesses. Don’t forget to double-check that the traffic is still running smoothly. If you don’t produce one of these, the citizens will become increasingly dissatisfied with their living conditions.

Making money in varied activities

You’ll also need funds to invest in several of your city’s construction projects. The best approach is to raise money from your city’s residents, also known as taxes. This should be your main source of income at first, so make sure you receive it on a regular basis.





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SimCity BuildIt is a worthy title for fans of city builder and simulation games, and it will keep them entertained for hours. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience, our SimCity BuildIt mod is the place to go.

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