Hungry Dragon MOD APK 3.10 (Unlimited Money)

APK Information

 Name   Hungry Dragon
⚠️ Version 3.10
 Size 122.04 MB
📌 Package com.Hungry Dragon
📱  Platforms 4.2
 Developer Hungry Dragon
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 2 day ago

Hungry Dragon MOD APK 3.10 Features


Simple intuitive and extremely enjoyable

To start, Android gamers will undoubtedly enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay in Hungry Dragon, where you will be able to freely explore the lands, terrorise others, and evolve your powerful dragons.

Enjoy the immersive gameplay as you freely control the Hungry Dragons to escape enemy attacks, eat everything in your direction, and take down monsters, birds, livestock, and even humans along the way.

A variety of different dragons

For those who are interested, Hungry Dragon is also a lot of fun and exciting, particularly with its massive selection of majestic dragons. You’ll be entrusted with gathering the ferocious beasts, each with its own collection of characteristics and skills. Utilize their flying-breathing abilities to melt and evaporate your foes. Alternatively, you can unlock the awesome ice dragon and freeze your opponents to death.

Learn about a number of dragons, each with its own distinct style, and fly through the sky with them. As you progress, you can unlock more costumes and customizations for your dragons. Go quicker, burn hotter, fire faster, and step carefully to become the very fastest.

Enjoy the immersive wrecking experiences 

Gamers in Hungry Dragon will also have access to immersive and awesome wrecking activities, for those of you who are involved. As you wander the Medieval realms in search of food, take on the game’s epic wrecking challenges.

Travel through towns, forests, valleys, and cities as you discover the globe. Feel free to engage in the amazing in-game destructions, where you’ll be able to pull down a number of fascinating buildings and obstacles. Continue to feed on the prey and other animals while you strive for the highest possible score in the game. Be the ultimate ruler of your Medieval realm, with no limits.

Eat things up as you take on multiple targets

In addition, gamers in Hungry Dragon will find themselves gathering and enjoying the amazing grilling spree and liberated acts in the epic 3D environments to aid you in your path of fear and devastation.

To successfully grill and feast on your prey, use a variety of available skills and abilities with your dragons. As you progress, unleash your breath of flames, frost, lightning, and other exclusive assaults on the enemies.

Gamers in Hungry Dragon will be confronted by monsters and enemies from all over the world as they advance through the campaign. Defeat the Medieval soldiers, goblins, orcs, witches, and those who are attempting to stop you and rescue them from their demise.




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Hungry Dragon is a fun and interesting mobile title to play on your mobile devices, particularly if you’re looking for a relaxing casual game. And if you’re searching for something a bit different, check out Zombie Tsunami, Dragon Hills 2, and a couple other games on our website.

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