Infinite Painter MOD APK 6.6.1 (Unlocked)



APK Information


Name   Infinite Painter
⚠️ Version 6.6.1
Size 41.50 MB
📌 Package com.Infinite Painter
📱  Platforms 4.2
Developer Infinite Painter
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 4 day ago


Infinite Painter MOD APK 6.6.1 Features


Simple and powerful mobile app for drawing and editing

To begin, Android users of Infinite Painter will begin using the user-friendly mobile app to create their artistic works. Begin by easily becoming acquainted with the user-friendly gui. Investigate the well-organized and easily available solutions that will make drawing and editing a breeze. Additionally, the app’s open and versatile tools can improve the workflow, making it incredibly useful.

You will use the painting and drawing features to produce amazing drawings, paintings, and more right here. At the same time, the simple cloning option essentially transforms any of your chosen images into a painting. You’ll still be able to bring in whimsy with the added easy access to the top bar.

A huge collection of interesting brushes

Android consumers of Infinite Painter will undoubtedly experience superior brush presets for drawing, painting, and artistic works in general, unlike no other smartphone app. You can use over 160 different brushes for a variety of effects and visual sensations right away. Furthermore, the app’s updated brush settings can allow for a variety of intuitive and strong drawing experiences. If you find the software lacking in functionality, you can instal a plethora of different personalised brushes based on your personal preferences. As a result, the app is immensely helpful and entertaining.

Superior and unique tools compared to others

Android apps will be able to take advantage of Infinite Painter’s impressive materials, which are completely awesome to work with. Most notably, they can distinguish the software from other generic and widely used drawing apps for mobile devices.

Begin by introducing the four different forms of symmetry to your work by playing with Infinite Painter’s rare and fascinating symmetry encounters. Learn how to use layers and blend modes to make your drawing tool even more efficient and versatile. Using the given software, apply instructions to your line works to make them more polished and tidy. Using the range and clipping masks to your advantage.

Enjoy advanced editing features

For those that are curious, you can now completely use Infinite Painter’s amazing editing capabilities, which essentially turn your mobile app into a powerful weapon. With several of Infinite Painter’s available resources, you can now quickly and efficiently edit your images and pictures.

Begin by quickly changing the drawing by easily and efficiently transforming several layers at the same time. Investigate the transform methods, which can be used to make a lot of fascinating improvements to the files, such as scaling, spinning, turning, distorting, and more.





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Many of you who have been acquainted with famous drawing apps such as Infinite Design or ibis Paint X will find Infinite Painter appealing, as it offers intuitive picture editing opportunities unlike any other. Most notably, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate all of the app’s features with the completely unlocked and downloadable edition available on our website.

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