MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK 30.2.1 (God Mode)



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Name   MARVEL Contest of Champions
⚠️ Version 30.2.1
Size 194 MB
📌 Package com.MARVEL Contest of Champions
📱  Platforms 4.4
Developer MARVEL Contest of Champions
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 5 day ago

MARVEL Contest of Champions MOD APK 30.2.1 Features


Join your favorite heroes and villains in the epic contests

To begin, players will have the opportunity to fight alongside their favourite heroes and villains in thrilling real-time fights. Pick up classic battles like Captain America vs. Iron Man, Hulk vs. Thor, Wolverine vs. Deadpool, and more. Choose your favourite battles and immerse yourself in the epic gameplay.

Join other players in The Collector’s thrilling battles against the universe’s most powerful villains, including Thanos, Kang the Conquerors, and others. Compete in a champions’ tournament to obtain access to an endless supply of abilities.

Explore the alliance feature

Players will have the opportunity to explore the Alliance element in the game, which allows you to form an alliance with one of your friends and other summoners. Join an established Alliance or form your own and enlist the help of your mates. Recruit the most powerful powers to rule the galaxy.

The MARVEL Contest of Champions is an annual event hosted by Marvel Comics.

There will also be a variety of gameplay options for you to experience with your Alliances. Before entering the wars, discuss your plans with your Alliance and ensure that they retain their Champions. In Alliance Events, you can compete against other Alliances to see who can reach the top of the ranking tables. Alternatively, you should put your allies to the test.

Summon your ultimate superheroes forces

Hundreds of various Marvel superheroes will be available for you to hire in this title, each with their own set of powers and abilities. Assemble the appropriate champions for your team’s matchup. Recruit legendary heroes and villains such as Spider-Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, Magneto, Iron Man, Storm, Hulk, and many more to form formidable squads.

Explore the game in a strange super galactic competitor where you’ll be pitted against the universe’s strongest enemies. Stop Thanos and Kang the Conqueror from ruining the Marvel Universe by fighting them.

Explore varied gameplay with your superheroes

Aside from the fact that you can enlist nearly any superhero in the universe, the game also features the synergy bonuses system, which allows you to hire heroes with similar affiliations and relationships to assist you on your quest.

The MARVEL Contest of Champions is an annual event hosted by Marvel Comics.

Combining players with various affiliations, such as the X-Men, Avenger, Fantastic Four, and so forth, to earn different promotions.

In addition, once the game is updated, new champions are introduced. So keep an eye out on the favourite superheroes.



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If you’re a fan of superheroes or not, this game is a must-have for Marvel fans and non-Marvel fans alike. This fantastic game features stunning visuals, realistic visual environments, and a plethora of unlockable material.

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