Motionleap Pro APK 1.3.6 (Unlocked)



APK Information


Name   Motionleap Pro
⚠️ Version 1.3.6
Size 77.91 MB
📌 Package com.Motionleap Pro
📱  Platforms 7.1
Developer Motionleap Pro
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 7 day ago



Motionleap Pro APK 1.3.6 Features


Add movements to your static images

For those that are curious, the cool and refreshing experiences of Motionleap’s latest picture editor app are now accessible. Users will appreciate the special encounters of the “alive” videos, which have fascinating visual effects that make you feel as if they’re really there.

And Motionleap makes it easy to do so by allowing you to apply various photo motions with only a few taps and choices. Easily change the orientation of the movements to keep the photographs’ overall patterns. To configure the motions, change the anchor points in various sections of the guided images. Even, feel free to pick and choose which sections of the pictures you want to keep static.

Make simple edits to your moving photos

For those that are curious, you can now use Motionleap’s editing options to make quick edits to your moving images. To make those photo changes, feel free to use the image impact editor. Let the amazing pictures come to life by using the animated animation effects.

Animate photos with interesting sky effects

If the lifeless and boring skies in your photographs irritate you, you can easily replace them in Motionleap with more intuitive and thrilling results. Adjust the old sky for a more vivid sunset with animated clouds, which will give the picture a new lease on life. In addition, there is no need to get through the in-depth tools in Motionleap to make editing easier for new users. Instead, you can select from hundreds of automated sky solutions in the app, each with its own set of visual encounters and observations.

Add overlays to your photos to created different impressions

In addition, if you want to add new feelings and impressions to certain images, the app has some fun overlays and visual effects that you can use on your videos. Use the fun and powerful effects on your Motionleap to create amazing visual experiences with your photos. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the fun weather overlays, sparkle effects, retro filters, and other features. Users will also be able to experience amazing visual uploads on their Stories and Feeds thanks to the intriguing photo sharing options.





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Motionleap provides a wide variety of different visual customizations for Android users to enjoy their awesome picture editing experiences. Around the same time, the special motion effects and animated videos will add to the overall appeal. But, most importantly, the free and unlocked version of the app will pique your interest.

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