n-Track Studio 9 Pro MOD APK 9.3.6 (Paid for free)



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Name   n-Track Studio 9
⚠️ Version 9.3.6
Size 0 bytes
📌 Package com.n-Track Studio
📱  Platforms 4.1 and up
Developer n-Track Studio
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 6 day ago



n-Track Studio 9 Pro MOD APK 9.3.6 Features


Learn to easily and brilliantly create your music

To begin, Android users will learn about the whole process of making new music. Start by using your built-in mic or an external audio recorder to record your own music tracks with specific instruments or vocals. By inserting or modifying certain audio tracks in n-Track Studio 9 Pro, you can gather certain editing materials. Explore the Loop Browser and the various royalty-free trial packs it offers, which are still ready for you to download.

You will also begin importing grooves and beats to try matching them with the app’s Step Sequencer Beat Maker. Have fun making cool melodies with the virtual keyboard supported, which has a wide variety of functions. Alternatively, you should attach your computer.

Intuitive in-app interfaces with accessible options

You can now explore the intuitive interactive on-screen MIDI keyboard, which will enable you to quickly customise and edit your music mixes, to allow Android users to comfortably and efficiently explore the in-app functionality from n-Track Studio 9 Pro. Alternatively, you can bind to other external devices such as MIDI clock, MTC sync, and others.

Many of the MIDI tracks have their own built-in synths for easier editing. The Piano-roll MIDI editor would also make it easy to use the app’s features and functions. You can conveniently imagine your audio files and captured singings with the intuitive 3D frequency spectrum view.

Tons of useful audio effects to enjoy

Those who are interested can also take advantage of n-Track Studio 9 Pro’s amazing audio effects, which will encourage you to completely transform your setup. Enjoy your time with the Step Sequencer Beat Maker, where you’ll find a plethora of useful audio effects. Investigate the Group and Aux channels solutions, which will make editing easier.

Make use of the versatile EQ, which features intuitively visualised 2D and 3D spectrums, as well as multiple audio settings. Activate various audio beats and instrumental effects from inside the app. With the available amplifier, you can improve the sound of your guitar and bass. Various audio effects, such as reverb, delay, and echo, can be used to alter the audio experience.

Plenty of editing materials for you to make uses of

To make it easier, n-Track Studio 9 Pro also includes a full track list as well as hundreds of unique Sample Packs, allowing you to automate your music mixing experiences. You can also import existing tracks from your device’s storage and use the editing tools alongside the recording option.




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If you’ve just used ORG 2020’s basic and intuitive audio editing options, you’ll quickly realise that the organ simulation software pales in comparison to n-Track Studio 9 Pro in terms of strength and capability. Android users can take advantage of their full range of music-making choices while having fun with a variety of fascinating edits. Most notably, the app is totally free and unlocked on our website, so you’ll have an excuse to start using it right away.

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