RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro 5.8.1 (Paid for free)



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Name   RAM Booster eXtreme Speed
⚠️ Version 5.8.1
Size 4 MB
📌 Package com.RAM Booster
📱  Platforms 2.3.3 and up
Developer RAM Booster
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 5 day ago

RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro 5.8.1 Features


Powerful Task Killer to boost your devices

To begin, Android users using RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro will have access to the full and powerful Task Killer functionality, which will effectively improve the devices by removing unnecessary apps and cleaning up the storage with the smart scan.

Users will expect seamless and enjoyable experiences when RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro is running in the background, as the software can quickly delete any activities that are taking too much RAM in order to speed up their computers.

Different boost levels for you to select

For those that are curious, the app’s various boost levels will also be used to completely configure the in-app interactions.

Normal – begin by installing the software to get rid of any third-party applications that are wasting a lot of RAM on your phone. Whitelisted applications, system apps, and 3rd party apps that don’t need a lot of RAM would be the exceptions.
Powerful – to improve the device’s efficiency even further, users should disable all 3rd party applications that are running in the background. Apps in the Whitelist and device apps will not be harmed.
eXtreme – and when we approach RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro’s patented cleaning mode.

Automated RAM Booster for you to freely schedule

Additionally, RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro now provides its valuable automatic functionality to assist Android users in using their automated RAM Booster programme, which will enable Android users to completely customise the boosting experiences.

Start by allowing your devices to improve at startup or when the screen is turned off, allowing you to get the most out of the clean Android UI. Additionally, these features would allow your devices to operate more effectively without a major reduction in battery life.

Useful widget and one-touch boost option

RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro will also provide the handy one-touch boost options, which will help you to quickly clean up the system’s RAM allocations. It’s as simple as turning on the app and selecting your boost options.

Alternatively, the RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro Widget, which allows you to improve your computers while sitting on the home screen, will make it much faster and more relaxed. The fantastic applications will now provide fast and efficient RAM boosts anytime you like, without causing any inconvenience.





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RAM Booster eXtreme Speed Pro protects the device from suspicious background operations with its comprehensive and powerful features. At the same time, Android users can find it much easier to completely configure their experiences thanks to the strong RAM control tools. And, of course, since the app is free and unlocked on our website, you can still use it to its full potential.

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