Star Girl MOD APK 4.2.3 (Unlimited Money)



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Name   Star Girl
⚠️ Version 4.2.3
Size 53M
📌 Package com.Star Girl
📱  Platforms 4.0.3
Developer Star Girl
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 4 day ago

Star Girl MOD APK 4.2.3 Features


A variety of different fashion pieces to enjoy

To begin, Android gamers in Star Girl will find themselves immersed in their ultimate fashion game, with over 1500 different fashion pieces to choose from. Feel free to play the game and unlock cool outfits for your characters by trying on shirts, coats, accessories, bags, and a variety of other clothing items. With a variety of interesting outfits, you can give your characters a variety of different looks. All of this should make the game a lot more exciting and entertaining.

Travel to many fashion capitals of the world

And for those of you who are curious, you will fly to many of the world’s fashion capitals. Explore a plethora of amazing beauty competitions and take part in the ultimate modelling journeys. Explore the world’s many fashion trends and put out all of the outfits on your characters. See new people and succeed in your modelling careers by meeting new people.

Explore the amazing shopping experiences

Additionally, to make the game more entertaining, Android gamers in Star Girl will enjoy a variety of fascinating shopping gameplay, similar to Shopping Mall Girl, which will allow you to fully enjoy the game. Engage in endless shopping gameplay as you unlock a plethora of enticing shops and items to buy in the video. Enjoy yourself by going to whatever store you choose and immersing yourself in limitless shopping experiences.

Become a celebrity and the fashion queen in this game

Android gamers will have fun playing as whatever celebrity character they like in the thrilling gameplay of Star Girl. You are free to play as an actor, musician, or model in the video. And your greatest ambition will be to become Star Girl’s fashion queen. Enjoy the entertaining smartphone fashion simulation games and live your dream life in Star Girl.





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Android players will find themselves engrossed in Star Girl’s fascinating and entertaining fashion and simulation gaming. At the same time, you’ll have more reasons to love Star Girl thanks to the free and unlocked edition available on our website.

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