Sweet Home Stories MOD APK 1.2.6 (Unlocked)


APK Information


Name   Sweet Home Stories
⚠️ Version 1.2.6
Size 29.69 MB
📌 Package com.Sweet Home Stories
📱  Platforms 4.1
Developer Sweet Home Stories
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 6 day ago

Sweet Home Stories MOD APK 1.2.6 Features


 A complete household setup

To begin, Android gamers in Sweet Home Stories will have the opportunity to build their own awesome household system, which will include a full-fledged resident with all of the various areas to explore. Feel free to explore the house’s fascinating spaces, each with its own special configurations and incredible experiences.

Play in the 7 rooms while having a good time with your family in the dining room. Cooking in the kitchen is an awesome game to enjoy. Have a good time in the children’s room with the girls. Simulate the family’s night in the parent’s bed as closely as possible. Playing in a variety of things in the front yard and backyard. The list could go on and on.

A happy family to play with

There will also be several fun characters for you to openly play with in order to enhance your enjoyment of the game with the happy family. Play with the two cute children, their welcoming friends, a helpless infant, and their lovely feline. Feel free to experiment with all of these characters while you figure out how to replicate their daily routines. Explore your cute family and engage in a variety of fun games for them around the home.

Interesting items to freely interact with

And, to make it much simpler for you to set up in-game scenes and enjoy Sweet Home Stories’ engaging gameplay, the game has hundreds of immersive objects that you can discover throughout the house. Feel free to engage with them and think about new ways to experience the fun gameplay of household simulation.

Tons of in-house activities to try out

Feel free to enjoy the entertaining in-game activities of hundreds of everyday tasks or relaxations like any family member. From getting the kids to bed and cooking meals as the mother and father, to studying and playing with their pet cat. Sweet Home Stories can be a lot of fun and entertaining for you because of the limitless in-game possibilities.



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Kid players will now have access to their awesome interactive dollhouse thanks to engaging games of household simulation and pretend play. Feel free to participate in a variety of fascinating in-game activities and enjoy the thrilling simulation gameplay whenever you’re able.

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