TouchRetouch MOD APK 4.4.13 (Patched)



APK Information


Name   TouchRetouch
⚠️ Version 4.4.13
Size 0 bytes
📌 Package com.TouchRetouch
📱  Platforms 5.0
Developer TouchRetouch
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 3 day ago



TouchRetouch MOD APK 4.4.13 Features


Simple and accessible tutorials

To begin with, thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-follow tutorials, Android users can find themselves using TouchRetouch’s simple and usable in-app features. Have fun with TouchRetouch’s software and learn how to use them easily with the help of the given instructions and guidance. Also, there are a lot of helpful hints that can make retouching a lot simpler.

Smart removing features with realistic AI fixes

Even, for those who are curious, feel free to use TouchRetouch’s smart removals, which have incredible AI repairs that look incredibly clean. As a result, few people would be able to say whether or not the artistic works have been edited. You can now tweak your portrait and selfie images to make them look perfectly stunning. Give a lot of fascinating modifications to your landscape images by editing them. Customize any odd elements of a surface and restore normalcy to the entire image.

Easily select objects  with the customizable tools

Thanks to the many options available in this fascinating mobile app from TouchRetouch, Android users can quickly retouch their photographs and make various improvements to the overall visuals. Enjoy the simple retouching app, which is used to remove distracting elements from your images.

Choose the Object Removal option and label the material you want to get rid of. Alternatively, use the Clone Stamp function to select and delete any duplicated items from the photos. Make extensive improvements to the stamp sizes, stiffness, and opacity, allowing you to fully configure your retouching equipment. Wipe off all of the added edits on your images with the given eraser.

Remove lines that are blocking the way

Also, for line items that are in the way, you can take advantage of TouchRetouch’s cool features to quickly pick them on touch and get them deleted without a hitch. You are free to click every line on the images and erase them all at once. Alternatively, you can use TouchRetouch’s Segment Remover to erase only a portion of the images. You may also adjust the line thickness to further personalise the retouching.



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You should still use TouchRetouch to quickly edit your captured pictures and videos to ensure that they aren’t destroyed by unintended things that occur by mistake. The basic and easy-to-use mobile app provides a wealth of helpful and fascinating functionality for you to experiment with. Simply click the items you wish to delete, and TouchRetouch’s smart features can assist you in editing the photographs without difficulty. Not to mention that, now that the app is available for download and unlocked on our website, you should find yourself loving it even more.

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