Vegas Crime Simulator APK (Unlimited Money)

APK Information

 Name   Vegas Crime Simulator
⚠️ Version
 Size 92M
📌 Package com.Vegas Crime Simulator
📱  Platforms 4.1
 Developer Vegas Crime Simulator
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 5 day ago

Vegas Crime Simulator APK Features


Simple and accessible touch controls

To begin with, Android gamers who play Vegas Crime Simulator can soon appreciate the game’s simple and intuitive touch controls. Feel free to use the handy controls when calmly walking down the highway, intervening in fights or shootouts, or even driving assorted cars. The diverse and optimised control options will ensure that you get the most out of this fantastic mobile game.the best results, you must use the correct decoder with the correct media file.

Work your way in the gangster

For those that are curious, Vegas Crime Simulator now has a believable and immersive gangster gaming that will take you to a variety of entertaining encounters. As they progress through the in-game adventures and climb the gangster ladder, players must complete certain missions and tasks in order to advance. If you gain recognition and reputation in the city, you’ll learn more about the mafia hierarchy. Perform the most incredible crime quests to earn your place. Defeat your rivals to become the city’s most infamous mafia gang.

Freely customize and upgrade

And, to ensure that you are well equipped to combat your foes, Vegas Crime Simulator now has a variety of enhancement and customization features that you can use to further improve your gangster. Begin by increasing your stamina, strength, precision, driving, and handling abilities, among other qualities. All are needed to improve your fighting skills and allow you to manage more powerful arms and vehicles. As a result, you’ll be able to quickly swap between your guns or use the powerful war machines to take on cops and other gangs.

Awesome vehicles 

And, speaking of tanks and military jets, you don’t really need them to enjoy the game. Vegas Crime Simulator also features a number of interesting cars that can be seen in the area. Here, gamers can quickly acquire their preferred cars by merely tracking them down and stealing them from their owners in a gangster-style way. Have fun in your extreme speed sport cars, or wander the streets with your stolen police vehicles, hop on boats to experience the water rides, and have fun with your cool plane rides, and so on.




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Fans of classic gangster simulation games will be wowed by Vegas Crime Simulator’s in-depth and engaging gameplay. As a badass gangster, you can openly roam the open-world city and participate in awesome acts. Simultaneously, have fun with the game, which features a variety of unique abilities that can turn your character into a super villain in this area.

As usual, our website’s free and unlocked version of Vegas Crime Simulator can keep you entertained.

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