WavePad Master’s Edition APK 12.01 (Paid for free)



APK Information


Name   WavePad Master’s Edition
⚠️ Version 12.21
Size 0 bytes
📌 Package com. WavePad
📱  Platforms 4.0.3
Developer WavePad
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 3 day ago



WavePad Master’s Edition APK 12.01 Features


Simple yet powerful audio editing application

WavePad Master’s Edition is the best choice for anyone looking for a versatile audio editing programme with a simple user interface that allows you to get started quickly. Users can easily navigate the app’s valuable in-app functionality and become fully immersed in the app’s unique audio experiences, which enable them to make a variety of edits to the recorded music.

Most notably, the streamlined interface and easily available functionality would make getting used to the in-app features almost too easy. As a consequence, when it comes to manipulating songs, you’ll find the Waveform or condensed audio displays incredibly helpful. Feel free to turn back and forth between the two.

Complete compatibility with lots of available file formats

WavePad Master’s Edition also features full compatibility with most available audio files on your mobile devices, allowing Android users to freely edit their various audio files. Simply open the programme and choose the files you wish to edit, and the device will review the files for the most convenient editing experience. Furthermore, you will be able to easily export your music to any file format that is needed.

Useful record features to improve the audio input

To begin with, you can use the software to catch your perfect recordings with professional-sounding audio levels. WavePad Master’s Edition has a wealth of easily available features and resources for improving the overall audio quality of your recordings. At the same time, the enhanced noise cleaning option would allow you to record all of your chosen music or singings in a simple and accurate manner. Finally, using the cool smartphone app, you can conveniently get yourself the highest-quality recordings by simply connecting to other external recording hardware.

Simple and useful editing options

For those that are involved, WavePad Master’s Edition now includes easy and practical editing software that will make manipulating audio and customising files even simpler.

Simply cut, copy, and paste whatever portion of the audio you want into the multi-channel editor to make quick modifications to specific songs. Also, take advantage of the unrestricted undo and redo tools, which will make audio editing much simpler for you. To make a flawless record, you’ll need to add or remove those bits of audio from your mix.




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For those who are curious, the thrilling WavePad Master’s Edition framework will now be used to make professional music pieces. The software helps you to easily and efficiently record refined audio with its clear and open functionality. You can also completely enhance your music with the in-depth editing features. You’ll have no excuse to refuse it now that the completely unlocked and unrestricted edition of the app is available on our website.

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