WiFi Map APK 5.4.15 (Unlocked)



APK Information


Name   WiFi Map
⚠️ Version 5.4.15
Size 74.12 MB
📌 Package com.WiFi Map
📱  Platforms 4.3
Developer WiFi Map
🎮 Category Entertainment
⟳ Updated 2 day ago

WiFi Map APK 5.4.15 Features


Millions of Wi-Fi connections worldwide

To begin with, Wi-Fi Map users on Android now have access to one of the biggest Wi-Fi communication databases in the world, with millions of different connections. Feel free to browse through the 100,000,000+ hotspots from various countries around the world to find locations where you can interact. To the maximum extent possible, share your links and have fun with WiFi Map’s intriguing programme.

Quickly look for Wi-Fi hotspot nearby

And now that the app is open, Android WiFi Map users can use the app’s accessible and easy features to find new hotspots in their region. Simply set your place, and Wi-Fi Map will guide you to the closest Wi-Fi hotspots so you can enjoy secure and fast Internet connectivity. The intuitive and collaborative maps can help you travel around the area and filter the best addresses for you to visit.

Contribute to the community with your own WiFi hotspots

In addition, devoted WiFi Map users can share their own Wi-Fi hotspots with other users, making the platform much more enjoyable. Please feel free to exchange passwords and app links with other users so that they can take advantage of the free connections everywhere they go.

Protect your identity with the secured VPN

Furthermore, WiFi Map also provides its unrestricted and stable VPN service, which can be used to open your online experiences, to make the fascinating smartphone application of WiFi Map more useful on your Android devices. In WiFi Map, you can now browse the Internet with complete protection and privacy. At the same time, the powered service would give you access to the unlocked online environment, which contains a plethora of useful websites and services. Have fun with a variety of fascinating geo-blocked content and more.




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From now on, if you go outside for any of your companies or for travel, WiFi Map can assist you in gaining free access to a large number of open Wi-Fi hotspots. With millions of free Wi-Fi links available worldwide, you’ll still be able to locate several hotspots nearby. And don’t forget to take advantage of the ever-growing library.

Finally, you’ll find the free and unlocked edition of the app on our website to be much more appealing.

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