Tekken 8 APK for Android (Mobile) PPSSPP Zip File

In the Tekken series of fighting games, Tekken 8 APK is the newest game. There are 32 different fighters to choose from in this game and you can join a story that goes back many games.

As a result of using new technology, the fighters and places look very realistic and cool. Fighting feels like being there in person.

Two family members, Jin Kazama and his dad, Kazuya Mishima, have been fighting for years. Their last big fight took place six months ago.

NameTekken 8
 PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
 Size46 MB
 MOD InfoMobile

Redesigned Fighters for Awesome Battles

In Tekken 8 for Android APK, all the fighters have been made to look better with new details and better graphics. As a result, each fighter looks more real and cool when he or she is fighting. As they move and fight, they seem very strong now. The places where fights take place can break apart as the fight proceeds. Each fighter brings their own style to the fight, so each battle is different.

New Rivalry: Face Your Fate

Tekken 8 Mobile APK tells a sad but exciting story about Jin Kazama who wants to win over his dad, Kazuya Mishima, in order to end the family’s troubles. It is important for players to see Jin grow as a fighter and person throughout the storyline of this Tekken game.

Aggressive Fights with the Heat System

With something called the “Heat” system, Tekken 8 makes fighting more wild. This new way of fighting makes players want to attack instead of just defend. During Heat mode, fighters’ attacks become stronger, and even they are able to break through enemy defenses. Fights become more thrilling because the Heat system changes how a fighter moves and attacks end up being super powerful.

Build Your Tekken Life in Quest Mode

With Arcade Quest, Tekken 8 APK download for Android adds a unique single-player mode for players who enjoy playing alone. In this mode, you can make your own fighter look how you want using special items you find as you play. The story follows the character as he goes to different fight places and learns how to become a better fighter.

Top Tips and Tricks for Mastering Tekken 8

  1. Learn the Heat System: Learn how the Heat mode works so you can unleash the full power of your fighter. To stop the clock and do more damage, fight aggressively when in Heat.
  2. Combo Practice: In Tekken 8, you should practice combining attacks one after another. Practice these combos to deal big damage to your enemies.
  3. Guard Smart: Attacking is important, but knowing when to block attacks keeps you safe. To avoid taking damage from heavy hits, learn when to guard against them.
  4. Know Your Fighter: Each fighter has a unique style and style moves. Try out different fighters to see which one suits you best.
  5. Use the Stage: The places where you fight can change and break. In battle, you can use this to your advantage by hitting enemies against walls or floors.

Pros and Cons


  • Stages and fighters look amazing with improved graphics.
  • Heat adds exciting new features to fights.
  • There is a deep story with Jin and Kazuya in story mode.
  • It’s fun to customize fighters in Arcade Quest.


  • It could be difficult for new players to learn many fighters and moves.
  • In older games, there was a “Screw” mechanic.
  • It is possible that the game is too focused on attacking, which makes defense strategies less useful.
  • In battle, not everyone likes having to attack to heal.


With Tekken 8 APK, the well-known fight game series is brought to life. Fans of fight games or those who are new to these kinds of games alike will love this game for the fresh look, the deep story, and the intense fights. So what are you waiting for? Download Tekken 8 APK for Android and show off your fighting spirit!

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