Vmake APK (Pro AI Photo Video Enhancer) Latest Version

Vmake is an app that allows you to create great looking photos and videos that can be shared on websites and apps. There is nothing complicated about it, and anyone can use it without having to learn how to do any editing.

 GenreVideo Players & Editors
 Size79 MB
 MOD InfoPro AI Photo Video Enhancer

Why should I use Vmake?

With Vmake, you can create amazing pictures and videos. You can create content that looks like it was made by a pro, but it’s really easy to use. It takes just a few taps to create something special for social media like Instagram or TikTok. There is no need for complicated computer software.

You can save a lot of time if you run an online business. It is possible to make cool ads that make people interested in what you are selling. Making posts that your friends will enjoy is easy if you love social media.

Key Features

Remove Background:

The scenario is that you have a photo or video, but you don’t like what’s behind you or your friends in the picture or video. You can easily get rid of that unwanted background by using this tool. When you point at what you want to disappear, it disappears as soon as you point at it.

Generate Background:

Is there something you’d like to see behind your photo that you have never seen before? Vmake is capable of creating almost anything you can think of, such as a beach or a fairy-tale castle, just by telling it what you want to see. With just a few words, you can describe what you want, and the app will bring it to life behind your image.

Vmake APK

Element Replacement:

If you use this feature, you will be able to change certain things in your photo. It may be that there is a chair that you don’t like or a ball that should be a different color, etc. There are plenty of alternatives that Vmake can use in place of these that are more attractive.

Upscale & Videos:

Old videos sometimes look blurry, which is not so pleasant to watch. It is possible to make them sharp and clear. It’s like magic, your videos take on a much better look than before.

Vmake APK

Video Templates:

Vmake has ready-made templates that allow you to make videos quickly. You select some pictures, choose a video style, and there you have it – a cool video with your chosen pictures. This is a fun and easy activity that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort.

Best Tips for Vmake

Here are some tips to help you get the best results from the app:

  • Start with clear photos: Start with high-quality photos.
  • Use simple backgrounds: It’s easier to remove backgrounds if they’re not too busy.
  • Try different templates: Experiment with different video styles.
  • Have good lighting: Photos and videos look better when they have plenty of light.
  • Be creative with AI writer: Use the AI to suggest captions for your posts.

The removal of backgrounds is a crucial feature. You should make sure that the main focus of your photo is easy to see. Vmake’s job is made easier by this. If the app creates new backgrounds, choose something that matches your main subject.

Make sure your videos are not too shaky. The upscaling might not work well if they are. You should try to film things as steadily as possible.

Don’t forget to save your changes as you go. As a result, you can always go back if you don’t like something you changed.

Vmake APK

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use: There is no need for complicated tools.
  • Saves time: Saves you time when you are in a hurry.
  • Creative choices: There are many backgrounds and designs to choose from.
  • Good for business: Enhances the appearance of your products.
  • Works with old videos: Improve the quality of blurry clips.


  • Internet needed: To use it, you must be online.
  • Limited to AI choices: There are times when you want more control over edits.
  • Depends on photo quality: If the original is good, then the result will be good as well.
  • Not always perfect: Artificial intelligence might not always get things right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Vmake on my phone?

Yes, you can download the Vmake app for your phone from the Google Play Store.

Does Vmake cost anything?

You can use some parts of Vmake for free, while other parts of Vmake may require you to pay for them.

Can I remove big objects from photos?

Vmake can take out a lot of things, but it works best if they are separated from what you want to keep when you use it.

How do videos look after upscaling?

There is a noticeable improvement in clarity, but how much better depends on the quality of the original video.

Will the AI background fit my photo?

Yes, The Vmake software tries to match the description of your photo to the picture you have uploaded.


Vmake is a useful tool for making your social media posts shine or for making your business product stand out from the crowd. The reason why I like it is because it is easy and works with just a few clicks, which is great.

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