TV Studio Story Mod APK (Unlimited Everything, Currency) for Android

In TV Studio Story Mod APK you will have the opportunity to run a TV station, make shows, cast stars, and devise strategies so you can achieve high ratings.

NameTV Studio Story
 Size61 MB
App InfoUnlimited Everything, Currency

Your Chance to Create Smash-Hit Television Shows

The TV Studio Story Mod APK allows you to run your own TV station pixel by pixel. With this game, you make all the big decisions for your television empire, mixing fun and strategy.

To bring your show ideas to life, you choose themes and genres, decide on the set design, and cast stars. This game could be an exciting adventure for you if you enjoy seeing your creative plans come to fruition.

Casting Your Star Performers

TV Studio Story Kairosoft Mod APK requires you to find the right actors for your TV shows. You’ll work with talent agencies to find performers for different types of shows.

A strong relationship with these agencies can lead to higher-quality stars for your casts. It is possible to get viewers excited by these choices, which can increase the number of people watching your shows.

Crafting Unique Show Themes and Sets

The variety of content keeps viewers interested. You send out teams to find new filming spots and ideas to use in your shows in TV Studio Story Mod APK unlimited everything.

You will discover new themes, genres, and decorations as you explore these places. You can keep audiences interested by incorporating these elements into your screenplay.

Spread the Word about Your Shows

To get high ratings, you need to let people know about your shows. To draw attention to new episodes, promote them on social media, radio, or magazines. Getting enough buzz can lead to a hit show and more sponsorship money. It’s important to get people talking about what you’re making.

Create Hits with These Top Tips and Tricks

Know Your Audience:

Make sure that you pay attention to what your viewers like. It would be a good idea to make shows based on the most popular themes and genres.

Grow Your Network:

It is important to maintain good relationships with talent agencies in order to be able to access better stars.

Keep Making New Stuff:

Make sure that you are always prepared to create and promote new shows. The best way to ensure that the viewers stay glued to their screens is to release them at the right time.

Invest in Advertising:

Don’t be afraid to invest in marketing your shows in order to spread the word. In order to increase the number of viewers, it is worth the investment.

Balance Focus:

You should not stick to one type of show or theme all the time. In order to prevent one bad show from ruining everything in your business, you have to keep an eye on many different aspects of it.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun Simulation: You are in charge of your own TV studio and you get to make all sorts of decisions—from picking actors to building sets.
  • Creative Freedom: Make each TV show unique by choosing from a variety of options.
  • Engaging Strategy: Find out what works best to beat challenges.
  • Cute Style: Throughout the game, you’ll be able to appreciate charming pixel graphics.


  • Could Be Complex: There is a possibility that some players will find all the options overwhelming.
  • Same Tasks: As you progress in the game, you will find that some tasks can become a bit repetitive.
  • Limited Guidance: It may take a little while for beginners to figure out how everything works.
  • No Multiplayer: You will not be able to play with your friends or anyone else online in this game.


If you’re looking for alternatives to “TV Studio Story,” a simulation game where you manage your own television studio, there are several other games you might enjoy:

  1. Game Dev Tycoon: Instead of managing a TV studio, you run a game development company, starting in the 80s and progressing through different eras of gaming. It offers a similar simulation experience of managing resources, hiring staff, and releasing successful projects.
  2. Movie Studio Tycoon: This game puts you in charge of managing your own movie studio. You’ll handle everything from scriptwriting to casting, filming, and marketing your films. It’s a great choice if you’re interested in the entertainment industry.
  3. The Movies: In this game, you build and manage your own movie studio, similar to “TV Studio Story.” You’ll oversee everything from hiring actors to creating sets and releasing films. It also includes a fun movie-making aspect where you can direct scenes.
  4. Project Highrise: While not focused on television or movies, this game tasks you with building and managing a skyscraper. It offers similar mechanics of resource management, tenant satisfaction, and expansion, providing a different but equally engaging simulation experience.
  5. SimCity: If you enjoy the management aspect of simulation games, SimCity might be a good fit. While it’s not focused on TV or movie studios, it offers deep city-building and management mechanics, allowing you to create and develop your own bustling metropolis.

These alternatives should provide you with a variety of simulation experiences to explore beyond “TV Studio Story.”


What is TV Studio Story?

TV Studio Story is a simulation game where you manage your own television studio.

How do I play TV Studio Story?

Manage resources, hire staff, produce shows, and attract viewers to build a successful TV studio.

Is TV Studio Story available on mobile devices?

Yes, TV Studio Story is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Can I customize my studio in TV Studio Story?

Yes, you can customize your studio with various sets, equipment, and decorations.

Are there different genres of shows in TV Studio Story?

Yes, you can produce a variety of shows including dramas, comedies, news programs, and more.

Can I compete with other studios in TV Studio Story?

Yes, you can compete with AI-controlled rival studios for ratings and viewership.

Are there in-app purchases in TV Studio Story?

Yes, there are optional in-app purchases for in-game currency and additional content.

Is there a multiplayer mode in TV Studio Story?

No, TV Studio Story is a single-player game with no multiplayer mode.

Is there a free version of TV Studio Story?

Yes, there is a free version of TV Studio Story with optional in-app purchases.

What platforms can I play TV Studio Story on?

You can play TV Studio Story on iOS and Android devices.

Download and Start Creating Your Hit Show

TV Studio Story Mod APK’s currency always increases, giving you the fun of running a TV station and watching your ideas take shape. You’ll love making things, planning, and seeing how players around the world respond to your work. Picking actors, making sets, and telling everyone about your show are all part of TV making.

Whatever your style is, this game will suit you. Whether you like to plan everything or you prefer to learn by doing, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. The game balances fun and challenge as you strive to become a television star.

It’s now your turn. Make amazing TV shows with TV Studio Story Mod APK (Unlimited Everything, Currency) for Android and watch your audience grow! What will you do to shape culture on our TV screens? Let’s find out – lights, camera, action!

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