Undertale Yellow Android APK Port to Mobile (Full Game)

With Undertale Yellow Android APK , players are invited to engage in a turn-based role-playing game (RPG) that will lead them on an adventure that is based on a story and is focused on the player’s choices.

NameUndertale Yellow
 PublisherMaster Sword
 GenreRole Playing
 Size247 MB
 App InfoFull Game

Undertale Yellow: All you need to know

On December 9, 2023, Undertale Yellow was released on Game Jolt for Microsoft Windows. The game follows Clover, who possesses the yellow soul from Undertale, as she travels to the surface on an unfamiliar path.

Undertale Yellow

The gameplay mechanics of Undertale Yellow are similar to those of Undertale. Battle monsters, solve puzzles, and meet new characters in the Underground, a vast subterranean landscape.

Additionally, the player’s decisions on whether to kill or spare monsters affect the story, dialogue, and difficulty of the game.

A Retro RPG Saga

The Undertale Yellow Android APK is a heartfelt, retro-style RPG for Android that takes place before the much-loved game, Undertale. This game beckons you into an underground world of monsters with its own story line and a fresh cast of characters that you will fall in love with.

Undertale Yellow

A game made by fans for fans, this game promises adventure, strategic battles, and a nostalgic experience of 16-bit graphics.

Engaging Storyline: Return to the Underground

APK Android Undertale Yellow’s story drives the game. The player controls Clover, the seventh human to enter the Underground. Armed with a Missing Poster and brimming with curiosity, you set out to uncover the secrets of this subterranean realm teeming with monsters. Your choices will weave Clover’s story pacify or battle, your path will determine her fate.

Novel Combat Twist: The Circular Attack Board

In the Android port of Undertale Yellow, combat has been shaken up with a new “circular target attack board.” Unlike Undertale’s original design, this board is based on precise timing in order to land a powerful blow.

Undertale Yellow

When the white ring contracts to the circle’s center, the timing of your strike could prove to be a powerful kick or a costly blunder, therefore keeping you on your toes throughout the game.

Expanded Exploration: Delve Deeper

Undertale Yellow Android APK is a game for Android gamers who will enjoy exploring new landscapes in the game. As Toby Fox has shown, there are secrets beyond any Toby Fox has shown to date in Undertale, with newly added corners such as the ominous Dark Ruins.

If you thought you knew the Underground, you are in for a pleasant surprise with each lushly designed level that expands upon the original universe and will delight fans who thought they knew the Underground.

Essential Tips for Mastering Undertale Yellow

Undertale Yellow

Master the timing on the circular attack board:

It is important to practice the timing required to land powerful blows. Even though mastering attacks is crucial, remember that mercy can triumph over conflict, unlocking unique story elements by triumphing over conflict.

Explore thoroughly for hidden items:

In the game you will find a lot of hidden goodies that will help you on your journey. Make sure you check every corner for supplies, Easter eggs that show Toby Fox’s creations, as well as secret messages.

Balance aggression with empathy:

Recognize when it is appropriate to fight and when it is prudent to spar. It may be beneficial to assess the enemy’s patterns in order to determine when to make friends or when to go on the defensive.

Save wisely and manage your inventory:

It is possible to punish recklessness with Undertale Yellow Android APK. Think twice before using valuable resources, save your progress smartly, keep your inventory stocked with health items, and think twice before using valuable items.

Embrace different routes:

There is no need to be afraid of restarting your adventure to try out different paths. No matter what the decision is, whether it is to be pacifist or genocide, Clover’s adventure is an evolving one, revealing a deeper layer of the story with each decision she makes.

Pros and Cons

Undertale Yellow


  • Story and writing that will capture the hearts of Android users.
  • The new battle system adds freshness while echoing the charm of the beloved original.
  • It means hours more of spelunking through atmospheric monster caves.
  • Each playthrough unlocks a different ending thanks to a choice-driven narrative.


  • The tight learning curve might deter some players who are not patient or who are new to the world of role-playing games.
  • In spite of the fact that the story appeals to those who dislike retro graphics, they may pause before diving in.
  • A cast that is unfamiliar to the fans requires fans to be open-minded and appreciative of the characters that are introduced.
  • As a result, there is a heavier reliance on fan knowledge, which may exclude newcomers to the story from taking part.

Exploring Other Worlds: Alternatives

Undertale Yellow
  • Deltarune: This game was created by Toby Fox, the creator of “Undertale,” and features familiar characters and mechanics along with fresh gameplay.
  • Earthbound: While this classic RPG is not directly available on Android, there are ways to play it through emulators, which offers a quirky storyline and turn-based combat that is engaging and captivating.
  • To The Moon: An adventure game with RPG elements that emphasizes character development over traditional combat.
  • Evoland 2: As you progress through the game, gameplay styles change to reflect the evolution of RPGs.
  • The Escapists 2: While not an RPG like “Undertale,” this sandbox game offers clever writing and the freedom to craft your own story.

Final Thoughts

Undertale Yellow Android APK is more than an homage, it’s a full-fledged Android RPG adventure that stands on its own while paying homage to Toby Fox’s original masterpiece.

Throughout the game, you will find care, details, and narratives that will pull you deeper into the story. Clover won’t discover their fate without you, and those circular targets won’t hit themselves.

Undertale relies heavily on established Undertale lore, but even newcomers will be charmed by its compelling storytelling and inventive gameplay.

In addition, for veterans who’ve navigated the original Undertale’s twists and turns, the game represents a new chapter that’s just waiting to be explored.

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