Yandere Chan Simulator APK 1.2 (Info-Chan) for Android

Yandere Chan Simulator APK 1.2 is a video game where you play as a schoolgirl who loves a boy and will do anything to be with him.

NameYandere Chan Simulator
 PublisherAlex Mahan
 Size16 MB
 App InfoInfo-Chan

Game Overview:

As a high-school girl, your goal is to wipe out your enemies by shooting them and not getting captured. The Yandere Simulator mobile game is violent. Over 100 levels are available in the game. An anime with strong visuals.

Yandere Simulator is a sand boxing game parodying several anime themes. In the game, you play the role of a secondary school girl who loves a child. In spite of this, it is not a twee love story when your temperament is erratic.

Yandere Chan Simulator

The Twisted High School Tale of Love and Jealousy

Yandere Chan Simulator APK is a video game where you control a schoolgirl who has a crush on a boy named Senpai. The girl is willing to do anything to be with Senpai, even hurting or removing other students at her school who might like him as well.

Playing in her bedroom lets you change her clothes, then you can go to school or explore the city. Getting along with your rivals in school requires sneakiness, making friends in order to look good, and finding ways to deal with rivals. Despite not being fully finished yet, the game has lots to offer, looks great, and may become a big hit.

Hide and Seek with a Dark Twist

Being sneaky is a very important part of Yandere Chan Simulator 1.2 APK. It is important not to let others catch you doing bad things. They will tell the teachers if they do, and you will get in trouble. The purpose of this is to appear nice and conceal your true intentions by talking to other students.

Yandere Chan Simulator

Doing bad things, such as hurting someone, can sometimes make you less sane, making you appear frightening and unstable. It is possible for your sneaky actions to harm others in many different ways.

Playing the Part of a Perfect Student

It is also important for Yandere Simulator Info Chan to act as if he is a perfect student. It is important to maintain a good reputation in order to avoid getting caught. Basically, this means being friendly, joining clubs, doing tasks for others, and making friends to hide what you’re really up to.

Yandere Chan Simulator

People trust you more when you have a good reputation, which makes sneaky things easier.

Love Tactics in Yandere Simulator

Being violent is not the only way to win Senpai’s love. In addition to matching people, you can make friends with your rivals or play mini-games to earn money for gifts. By making sure they don’t end up together or getting them interested in someone else, you need to stop Senpai from liking anyone else. Senpai’s heart can be won gently or nastily, as you choose.

Yandere Chan Simulator

Tools of the Trade: A Look at Gameplay Mechanics

In Yandere Simulator, having the right tools helps you sneak around and socialize. Aside from finding and using weapons, you can also move around by crawling or carrying items in boxes. When a rival is dealt with, it’s important to conceal evidence by cleaning blood, disposing of weapons, etc. A variety of game mechanics make each player’s experience unique and challenging.

Best Tips and Tricks for Yandere Simulator

  1. Change Cloths: Make sure you change your clothes and clean up any mess to stay undercover. To calm suspicions, act quickly if you’re spotted.
  2. Track time: Keeping track of where and when students go will help you manage your time. You can plan your actions without getting caught.
  3. Master Mini-Games: Earn money by playing mini-games. Money can be used to buy a variety of items that can be useful in a variety of ways.
  4. Choosing Your Methods Wisely: There are many ways to deal with rivals – some are direct, some are sneaky. Keep others from suspecting you by choosing methods that keep them from knowing what you are doing.
  5. Use Distractions: When you need to do something risky, use distractions – like using the radio or a phone call to draw away students or teachers.
Yandere Chan Simulator

Pros and cons


  • Interesting Story: Your character is a schoolgirl with a big mission, which makes for an unusual but fun story.
  • Many Choices: The game allows for many different ways to play, such as being sneaky or making friends.
  • Mini-Games and Money: Mini-games add another layer of gameplay to the game by earning money.
  • Changing Looks: It’s easy to change your character’s clothes and hair, so you can stay hidden.


  • Not Finished: Some parts of the game might not work properly or appear incomplete.
  • Graphics Could Be Better: It is possible that some players would like the game to look better.
  • Can Be Scary: There are some violent actions that may be too much for young players or those who are afraid of scary things.
  • Many Details to Remember: You have to pay attention to a lot, which could be frustrating for some players.

Fresh Adventures Besides the Yandere Simulator

You might also want to try Yandere Simulator. The other is called “Hitman Blood Money”, where you must also be sneaky to complete tasks. In “Bully” you play as a student in a tough school and interact with others. A game like “Life is Strange” offers stories where your choices can shape the outcome rather than sneaking around.


Yandere Chan Simulator APK offers a game where every choice matters. In addition to being sneaky, clever, and a bit scary, it’s also very exciting. To win Senpai’s love, you can be super friendly or do something very bad.

There are still so many things to do in the game: lots of people, places, choices regarding what kind of student you want to be, sneaky plans, and even minigames. There is something cool about the graphics as well.

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