ZLink Carplay APK for Android Auto Wireless

You can use ZLink carplay apk to use Android Auto on car screens that don’t officially support it, by connecting Android and iPhone via USB or Bluetooth.

PublisherZhijian Technology
Size20 MB
Apk InfoWireless

What is ZLink?

The ZLink APK app lets you control things on your phone without having to hold it. When you are away from your phone but still need to use it, this app is pretty helpful. A ZLink app can be used for a variety of tasks, each with a specific purpose.

ZLink Carplay APK

Another helps you keep track of who is at work and what time it is. Another kind lets you control things in your house, such as lights and alarms.

You can also connect your phone to your car’s screen, and another program called Android Auto lets you use your phone through your car’s screen.

Keeping Track of Time and Attendance

For bosses who want to make sure their employees arrive on time at work, ZLink5 APK is a great tool. You can use a QR code to connect with time clocks, see who’s coming and going, and manage work information with this app. It’s all about improving the check-in and check-out process.

ZLink Carplay APK

You can control your home from your palm

The next APK is the ZLink Carplay APK. With this app, you can turn your phone into a magic wand for your home. From anywhere, you can turn on or off lights, lock doors, and even watch cameras to see what’s happening!

Your Phone on Your Car Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to see your phone’s stuff on a larger screen in your car? The ZLink Android Auto APK for Screen Mirroring does exactly that.

ZLink Carplay APK

Your smartphone can be connected to your car display through this app, so that whatever you see on your phone is now displayed on a larger screen. Depending on the situation, wires may or may not be used. While driving, it’s easy to watch maps or change songs.

Anywhere Android Auto

Last but not least, ZLink supports Android Auto in cars. Even if a car screen doesn’t support Android Auto, this app tricks it into thinking it does! Plugging in your phone with USB or connecting using Bluetooth lets you use Android Auto’s cool features like maps and music apps on your car’s display.

ZLink Tips and Tricks

If you know a few simple tricks, using ZLink can be a breeze for you. The first thing you should do is make sure that both your ZLink app and your device’s operating system are up to date. As a result, there will be fewer bugs and better performance.

The second step is to organize your Smart Home devices by room in the app. As a result, you have much better control over your home. The third tip is to use Screen Mirroring while your car is still if possible – safety first! You can also adjust mirror settings while parked to ensure you have a clear view of the road.

ZLink Carplay APK

Using Android Auto voice commands will eliminate the need to touch your phone while driving. Make sure your Android Auto screen is customized with the apps that are most relevant to you. In this way, you’ll be able to access important stuff like maps in a matter of seconds.

The pros and cons


  • Makes Life Easier: As simple as checking your work time or turning off the lights at home, ZLink puts power in your hands.
  • Safe Driving: Android Auto and screen mirroring let you focus on the road instead of fiddling with your phone.
  • No-Hassle Installation: Connecting your phone or scanning QR codes works pretty easily.


  • Phone Compatibility: There might be occasions when the app does not work well on certain phones.
  • Learning Curve: It might take some time to learn how to use all the features properly if you are not a techie.
  • It’s possible for the app to act up every now and then, which can be annoying in a hurry.

Alternatives to consider

You can also try other apps if ZLink isn’t for you. You can use Android Auto itself in cars that support it, or Apple CarPlay if you’re an iPhone user. NEEO is another smart home captain, and Home Assistant is another option for smart home lovers looking for customization. Business bosses may also find TimeClock Plus useful in tracking their time.

Final thoughts

You can use ZLink APK for all kinds of things, from making sure your team clocks in on time to dimming your living room lights from bed. There is something for everyone, from cars to homes to jobs, trying to simplify and smooth life.

While you’re busy with other things, it keeps things ticking and lets you do more with less effort.

Is there any reason to wait? ZLink APK can make your day-to-day a whole lot easier if any of these things appeal to you. Whether you’re on the road, managing who’s at work or making your house the smartest, it could be just what you need.

FAQs about Zlink

What is Zlink 5?

The ZLink app allows Android Auto to be used on a car display using TLink or Zlink. By connecting the smartphone via USB, this APK emulates Android car connections.

Does Zlink need Internet?

Yes, An internet connection is required to activate the app before connecting your phone.

How do I disable Zlink app?

You can easily disable Zlink app by just simple step: Settings > Factory > PIN > Function > Zlink > disable. Now your Zlink is Disabled.

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