WWE 2K24 APK OBB Zip File (PPSSPP) Free for Android

You can play exciting wrestling matches with famous wrestlers like John Cena in WWE 2K24.

NameWWE 2K24
 PublisherVisual Concepts
 Size335 MB

What is WWE 2K24?

wwe 2k24 apk

WWE 2K24 is a professional wrestling video game developed and published by Visual Concepts. WWE 2K24 is the twenty-fourth installment of the WWE video game series, the tenth under the WWE 2K banner, and the successor to WWE 2K23.

Wrestling action like no other

It is the latest game where players can enjoy wrestling. It is WWE 2K24 APK OBB. Rather than watching WWE on TV, you control the wrestlers. In this game, Visual Concepts made the graphics. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, computers with Windows, Xbox One, and Android devices are all supported.

Is there anything new in WWE 2K24?

There is a very famous match in this game called WarGames. With WarGames, you can fight simultaneously in two rings for the first time in this game series. In addition, you can play online with seven other people in Royal Rumble matches. There are different voices for the referees in the game, which makes it feel more real.

The modes and stories of game

WWE 2K24 PPSSPP Zip File can be played in a variety of ways. In MyFACTION, you can lead a group of wrestlers to victory, or in MyGM, you can run a wrestling show. John Cena’s career highlights can be followed in Showcase mode. A creation suite allows you to customize everything according to your preferences. You can choose how to become famous in wrestling through two main stories called The Lock and The Legacy.

Playing as John Cena’s Rivals

Showcase mode gives you a chance to be John Cena’s enemies from different fights in his life. It is possible to replay those fights and change what happened or to watch them as they were before. Special dream matches are also available, like fighting against Super Cena, a super-strong John Cena.


Best Tips and Tricks for Playing WWE 2K24 Mobile for Android

  1. Learn the Moves: Learn how to control your wrestler. You will be more likely to win if you know how to attack, defend, and use special moves.
  2. Start with MyRISE: This is a good place for beginners. Following a story will teach you how to play the game.
  3. Train in WarGames: Get familiar with the WarGames mode. There are different rules for this new game.
  4. Plan Your Strategy: Determine how you will win your fight before you begin. You should choose the wrestler who is right for your style of play, as each wrestler is different.
  5. Play Online: Play against other people online to improve your skills. Real-life opponents can help you learn new strategies for playing.

Pros and Cons


  • New Game Modes: WarGames adds more excitement to the game.
  • Real Voices: The referees talk with real voices, so it feels like the WWE.
  • Many Options: There are a lot of wrestlers to select from and a variety of ways to play.
  • John Cena’s Story: This game allows you to play through some of Cena’s most memorable fights.
  • Online Play: There is the option for you to fight with up to seven friends online at the same time.


  • May Be Hard for New Players: Since there are so many controls and moves in this game, new players may find it hard to get used to them.
  • Needs Good Internet: In order to play online, your Internet connection must be fast in order to play online.
  • Many Choices Can Overwhelm: Due to the large number of options available, some players may not even know where to begin.
  • Big Game Size: If you have a large device, your device may require quite a bit of space to run the game.

Alternative Wrestling Games

Some wrestling games may appeal to you if you want to try something new. On your phone, you can play the game ‘WWE Champions’. There is another option, Fire Pro Wrestling World, which is similar to WWE 2K24 but is more fun for wrestling fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play on my phone?

Yes, WWE 2K24 can be played on Android devices.

Can I play alone?

Yes, the game has many single-player modes.

How many people can play online?

Up to eight people can play together online.

Is there a story in this game?

Yes, there are stories. The Lock is about a new male wrestler, and The Legacy follows a female wrestler with family history in WWE.


As a full and entertaining wrestling game, WWE 2K24 has a lot to offer. In this game, players will be able to feel as though they are part of the WWE universe by playing the role of a superstar or the show runner. Having so many things to do, this is a game that wrestling fans can enjoy for many hours together.

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