Xerces MLBB APK v2024 (Magic Core App) Latest Version

Xerces MLBB is a modified version of MLBB that offers unique features and enhancements. With a dedicated team of enthusiasts behind Xerces MLBB, players get a fresh gaming experience while retaining the essence of the original.

NameXerces MLBB
 Size148 MB
 App InfoMagic Core App

Key features


Hero Skins and Moves

Xerces MLBB offers a large selection of cool clothing for your game heroes. Look different and fancy on the battlefield! Additionally, heroes are capable of performing special moves. Seeing your hero do backflips and stuff is fun.

Magic Wheel

It is similar to spinning a lucky wheel when you use the Magic Wheel. You can win awesome stuff if you try your luck and chances in this game. There’s always something cool to find when you spin!

Game Help

It can be tough to play a battle! But you don’t have to worry; Xerces MLBB gives you tips on fighting well. Using it makes you a better player and helps you make smart moves.

Xerces MLBB

Epic Battles

Every fight in the game feels exciting and important thanks to the app. You want to remember your gaming adventures, don’t you? In order to make them special, Xerces MLBB tries its best.

Player Teams in 5v5

Team up with your friends to create the perfect team. Next, you play quick battles with real people, usually lasting a few minutes each. Playing it on your phone is like playing a big action game on your computer!

Xerces MLBB

Best Tips for Xerces MLBB

Dress for Success

Make sure your skin not only looks good, but makes you feel good as well. There are times when wearing a cool outfit makes you play better!

Spin to Win

Make sure you try out the Magic Wheel. In addition to keeping the game interesting, it’s a chance to win.

Teamwork Matters

Make a fight plan with your buddies. By talking together and making smart choices, you can increase your chances of winning.

Learn the Moves

Learn the new moves for heroes. If you’re in a tight spot during a battle, they can be a real lifesaver.

Be Smart With Help

Xerces MLBB provides some gaming tips – use them! There might be advice they can give you that you hadn’t considered. When the fight gets tough, it can help a lot.

Pros and Cons


  • Cool Skins and Moves for Heroes: This game is super fun when your heroes dress up and perform unique moves.
  • Magic Wheel: This is a great chance to test your luck and maybe get lucky with some great prizes.
  • Game Help: Fighting tips can be really helpful, especially if you’re just starting out.
  • Super Memories with Epic Battles: Every game becomes more meaningful with this app.
  • Play Together in 5v5 Teams: Having fun against your friends is always a blast when you play against them.


  • Not in the Play Store: Because it’s not available in the standard app store, it can be a bit tricky to get started.
  • Risk of Security: Your phone or tablet can be at risk when you download from different sources.
  • Might Have Bugs: If an app doesn’t get regular updates from a main app store, there might be little mistakes in it.
  • Fairness Question: Some might wonder if one player has an advantage over another who isn’t using the app because of in-app help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to use Xerces MLBB?

Definitely not! You don’t have to worry about anything. There might be a few hiccups at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s no problem at all!

Can I get in trouble for using the app?

You are just trying to get more enjoyment out of the game by having more fun with it. Just make sure that you don’t get too carried away.


To put it simply, if you love Mobile Legends and want to add something new to the game, you’ll find Xerces MLBB to be like a treasure chest of cool things to spice things up.

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